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Award-winning Digital Transformation specialists Evoke Creative have been designing and manufacturing touchscreen interactive self-service kiosks and digital signage for over 15 years.
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Retail experience of the future

When Debenhams refurbished their iconic Oxford Street store in 2014 a key priority was cutting edge customer engagement. We created a bespoke customer self-service kiosk which has since been deployed in stores across the UK. New for 2018 we've developed solutions for the new Beauty Hall of the Future including digital signage and a custom-colour kiosk.

Our modular touch screen kiosk design has been in use in Debenhams stores since 2014 and works on desktops and pillars, providing ordering, information and customer service.

We have just launched a range of digital signage and bespoke colour kiosks for Debenhams’s new Beauty Hall of the Future concept, fitting seamlessly within the groundbreaking store design. Our digital signage, powered by our responsive software, works within the innovative framework that forms the structure of the department, mounting on pillars and beams with no requirement for floor fixings and no messy cables.





To encourage customer engagement in store and offer ‘endless aisle’ capability, the kiosks needed to look good and be easy to use, integrating seamlessly with Debenhams’s existing UX.

Our team took care of development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and installation, and liaised with the Debenhams team from the very beginning to ensure a successful roll out.

-Self service kiosk and digital signage

-Design, manufacture, install and support

-Large scale roll out to UK stores

-Staff training and learning materials

-Adaptable modular design


In 2018 Debenhams are leading the way in retail’s fight back against online. With their groundbreaking “Beauty Hall of the Future” concept, Debenhams have created an in-store experience, premiered at their new Watford store, designed to make shopping easy, social and fun.

Debenhams CEO Debenhams CEO Sergio Butcher is taking the relaunch of the brand very seriously, with a focus on attracting shoppers in store for experiences that they just can’t get online. Our digital solutions provide wayfinding, advertising, signage and opportunities to stock an extended range. Streamlining the number of products on sale creates sleek, tidy floor space but does require back up in the form of ordering kiosks for additional sizes, colours or out of stock items.

The concept has been very positively received by shoppers and critics alike, providing an “instagrammable” background to experiences and a blueprint for department stores as they strive to update and strengthen their positive on the high street.