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Award-winning Digital Transformation specialists Evoke Creative have been designing and manufacturing touchscreen interactive self-service kiosks and digital signage for over 15 years.
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Travelodgical Check In

Though early-adopters of self-service kiosk technology – which allows customers to check in and out without assistance from a member of staff – leading hotel chain Travelodge was finding that its current models simply weren’t working, for employees or customers. So evoke created a new design that combined both the highest standards of design with user-friendliness that would make the kiosks a pleasure to use for both customers and employees alike.

In order to achieve the best solution possible, we really immersed ourselves in the business with regards to everything from the brand to the pressure points in the day-to-day working lives of staff. We refined our ideas to three different concepts and then tested them in a live environment and assessed the quality of user experience. Travelodge was already sold on how kiosk technology could help enhance the customer experience, but the problem was that its current models from a different supplier weren’t quite fit for purpose.



The result was bottlenecks at peak times as employees worked to check in several people arriving at once, while the rather unattractive kiosk machine stood idle. What Travelodge wanted was a solution which would make it easy for guests to check in themselves at any time of day, with the option of adding additional upgrades, such as late check-outs or breakfasts. The company also wanted a design that would feel, quite literally, like part of the furniture and blend seamlessly with their current branding.

Over a period of just 7 weeks, evoke designed and installed a bespoke kiosk that met Travelodge’s specifications exactly.

In our experience firms introduce self-service kiosks because they want to enhance customer experience, free up staff to handle tasks which can’t be automated and improve sales too. There’s often a perception that kiosk technology is here to replace humans, but we believe the two need to work in harmony for the right results to be achieved. If the staff aren’t on board, firms won’t get the most out of this sort of technology. We also helped Travelodge with change management, by making how-to videos and guides for staff to ensure they were totally comfortable with operating the machines.



The final design was highly intuitive, with places for guests to store documents while they checked in, and totally in keeping with the brand’s style ethos. It also worked seamlessly, making checking in and out as stress free as possible for customers, whether you’re on business, or on a city break with your family.

Introducing kiosk technology doesn’t require a wholesale transformation of the technology a business uses. We designed the hardware and software to link with Travelodge’s existing legacy CRM and software systems, which also helped to keep costs down.

The Travelodge kiosks were conceived, developed and installed in record time prior to Christmas 2015 at high profile sites in London’s Covent Garden and have since been installed all over the country.